At Stark Security Services we pride ourselves on our elite construction site security services at a cost-effective price. Our exceptional protection helps you combat the theft and vandalism of construction equipment, tools and materials that can cost the average contractor thousands a year.

Protecting your site against criminal activity, not only saves you the cost of your lost property, but also the indirect costs related to job delays, downtime, and increased insurance premiums. Among many valuable benefits and services, our uniformed guards provide a visible deterrent to external and internal criminals; excellent surveillance of the premises; controlled site access for personnel and vehicles; tracking of suspicious activities; and maintenance of detailed activity and delivery logs.

With Stark Security you can trust that our guards are dependable, trustworthy and specifically trained in construction site security. They will undertake additional construction site training, and participate in on-the-job training specific to your site and needs.

Stark Security’s construction security guard and patrol services include:
  • Controlled site/gate access
  • Visitor escort
  • Vehicle and foot patrols
  • Promotion of onsite Health & Safety
  • Crime deterrence
  • Equipment movement/watch log
  • Material watch log and gate passes
  • Daily activity logs an incident reporting
  • 24-hour surveillance and guard service