Our ambitions are fast becoming a reality, with us becoming the company of choice in the logistics and transport arena. Working throughout Qatar for a number of logistics providers, as well as self-delivery operations, Stark Security Services has developed market leading services. These services seek to protect people, property and assets whilst maintaining the fast moving environment necessary to ensure the uninterrupted flow of goods and products around Qatar.

Stark Security Services fully managed service offering includes:
  • Training in the logistics environment
  • Vehicle tracking and escorting
  • High value product protection
Manned Security – Manpower Solutions

On site security teams are able to deliver a safe and secure environment for staff and visitors by managing the gatehouse and reception to manage access and egress to the facility. This can incorporate staff and vehicle searches and design of security procedure and assistance and delivery of external stock audits, vehicle seals leaving the site alongside checking them onto site. Other areas of expertise may be through delivering covert investigations into shrinkage, loss prevention and other risks posed.

Keeping your stock monitored and securely housed at all times especially when you’re out of hours will give you the satisfaction that your premises won’t fall victim to vandals, thieves or anyone else who poses a threat to the success of your business. Often located in remote industrial areas, warehouses and logistics depots can make for an easy option for those seeking to steal, but thanks to our manpower, CCTV and mobile patrols no matter how vast or remote your warehouse, Stark Security Services will protect. Monitoring your access points and also offering stock takes and delivery handling, we can offer both the level of protection your site needs and give you the level of assistance you need to ensure a smoother operation every day.

The benefits of mobilizing such a solution are:
  • Physical Deterrent
  • Ensuring safety of goods and inventory
  • Supervision of vehicles on your warehouse premise
  • Mobile Patrols
  • Stock takes
  • Delivery handling
  • Prevention of intruders
  • Foot patrols and random inspections