VIP Escorting

High-profile corporate executives, High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI), VIPs, foreign visitors and their families may be in a situation or at a public event where it is necessary or prudent to engage close protection services. Agreements for these services can be short-term (an event, afternoon or weekend) or long-term (over a period of weeks, months or years).

Stark Security’s close protection operatives are highly trained in the evasive and defensive techniques necessary to keep you safe. Close protection operatives, or ‘bodyguards’ as they are more colloquially known, are at the elite end of the security spectrum. These highly trained individuals are usually recruited from the forces, highly skilled in surveillance and evasion techniques. They can be trusted with the lives of their clients and can provide a visual or low key undercover presence as required.

At Stark we know that executive and VIP Escorting requires a more advanced and eclectic skill set than those of your day-to-day security officers, which is why Stark utilizes highly-trained, ex-military personnel for close protection assignments. These individuals have practical experience in combat situations, as well as honed defensive and evasive techniques. Building on their experience in the field, these officers also attend intensive external courses in close personal protection.

Stark’s operatives are recruited from the forces, highly trained and supported by the latest technology, communications equipment and up-to-date intelligence.