We design and install integrated security, ELV & IBMS solutions for a wide range of sectors including aviation, maritime, health, utilities, commercial and retail. Our engineers and technicians are trained and capable of performing many of the system integration and installation


Whether you operate in passenger services, cargo, security, logistics or construction the pace of change is rapid.


Projects are becoming more complex, requiring extensive materials and often on space restricted sites.


Events are built upon reputation and experience. Ensuring the safety of spectators and entertainers is a priority.


Detecting security threats and implementing appropriate security measures is a continual challenge faced by port operators.


Real Estate, employees and visitors are valuable assets to corporate organizations and securing them is a priority.


Energy generation infrastructure requires large and complex projects to be completed on time and on budget.

Public Spaces

Whether a walkway or exhibition space, ensuring it is accessible, safe and fit for purpose is essential for attracting visitors.


Security, safety and great customer service are key considerations when visiting shopping outlets and ensuring all three are important to us.