We offer an extensive portfolio of threat management services to regulate security risks while addressing compliance requirements. Specifically designed to ensure confidentiality, integrity, and assurance; our security services can help our clients address a wider range of security vulnerability issues to effectively reduce business risks and safeguard their organization’s return on investment


Stark Security Services completely understands that we are a vital part of protecting and selling “the experience”. A customer encounters many people, and whether they are security or your personnel, they are all part of the customer’s perception of your establishment. We are proud to provide and protect an enjoyable experience because it represents your company’s brand. It also means we are doing our job for you as our client, and for your client: the customer. All our hospitality and reception staff are able to keep cool in high stress environments and make educated and controlled decisions, especially when dealing with a patron. A person’s character speaks volumes about the work they do and this is why we make sure each employee is a great match for the hospitality environment